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Financing your vacation

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“I would like to help you finance your dream vacation”

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Panama Tours and Scuba S.A. Vacances

Vacation with
Installment credit


You pay no extra to buy a trip in installments, you simply divide the purchase price by the number of months you pay for the vacation. This means that you do not have additional costs due to financing, but simply delay payment for several months.


This payment option has the advantage that you don't have to pay the full amount when you start your journey.

You only have to pay a part of the total price of the desired trip.

Installments are collected monthly.


from 6 months to 12 months maximum 

Do not hesitate and ask today for an offer to make your dream trip come true.

You have the option of paying the monthly installments by credit card. Visa or MasterCard.

The price of the flight is to be paid immediately in order to guarantee your stay.

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